What is PubQuiz.com?

Here are some of the key benefits of using Pub Quiz.com products over some of our competitors…

White Label Branding

Bespoke our general knowledge Quiz for your pub, brand or company.

Plug & Play

Web based and easy to connect to your venue Wi-Fi and AV system.


Save the labour and DJ costs as all our Quizzes have a professional voiceover reading every question out

Smartphone speed quiz

No need for pen and paper and each question is fastest finger first (meaning it's cheat free too)

how does pub quiz work?

Pub Quiz is a fun and interactive smartphone based speed quiz for quizzers of all levels. We have a range of products including a white-label general knowledge quiz, themed quizzes and the new official talkSPORT pub quiz.

All of our Quizzes can be played any day or time of the week to suit your business. Each quiz features a range of rounds and interactive questions all written by professional quiz writers. A live leader board is shown between each round to drive competitiveness across the venue between teams.

We pre-record each quiz using professional voiceover talent (and the odd celebrity too) and our easy to use tablet system links with existing Wi-Fi, TV and sound systems so you don’t have to worry about writing the questions or hosting the Quiz! Just plug and play!


The Great British Pub Quiz has been entertaining Pub-goers for over 50 years since it’s conception in the late 1970’s.

It remains an ever-popular reason to visit a pub or bar. In fact, a recent YouGov survey ranked it as the 18th most popular social activity in the UK (above going to the Theatre). Also, “Find a pub quiz near me” is consistently once of the most search terms on Google as customers seek a local quiz during the week.

With just 7% of consumers visiting the pub between Monday and Thursday, and a huge increase in customers seeking “unique and exciting experiences”, creating low-cost reasons to visit your pub have never been more important.

Our PubQuiz data shows that our weekly quiz nights can drive an average incremental benefit of £350, meaning a 10:1 ROI (return on investment) for your £35 fee.


who are pubquiz.com?

PubQuiz.com was formed in 2019 when two DJ’s (and quiz hosts) spotted a gap in the market and came together to create a fun, smartphone based quiz to use during their gigs.

They quickly rolled out across over 200 pubs and created the first ever National Pub Quiz with a first prize of £10,000 awarded at the grand final in London.

During Covid-19, the technology was adapted to create virtual team building events for businesses looking to keep their furloughed employees entertained.

Since then, PubQuiz.com has gone from strength-to-strength and is currently played in 500 pubs across the UK each week.

Star of TV’s the Chase, Shaun Wallace is a brand ambassador for PubQuiz.com and regularly makes guest appearances on the quiz voiceovers. Movie star, Brian Blessed has also voiced-over their Christmas special quizzes too.

In 2023, PubQuiz.com signed an official deal with the world’s biggest sports radio station, TalkSPORT to bring the UKs biggest pub sport quiz to pubs and bars across the UK.


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